CQC report Jeesal Cawston Park

People have complained about the standards of care for sometime not just at Jeesal Cawston Park. Managers it seems are simply not up to the job. Patient and safety standards according to reports have been heavily compromised. Let us hope things drastically improve.



Hong Kong Crisis

HONG KONG – Protesters in Hong Kong threw gasoline bombs at government headquarters and set fires in the streets, while police stormed a subway car and hit passengers with batons and pepper spray in scenes that seem certain to inflame tensions further in a city riven by nearly three months of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Police had denied permission for a march Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of a decision by China against fully democratic elections in Hong Kong, but protesters took to the streets anyway, as they have all summer. They provoked and obstructed police repeatedly but generally retreated once riot officers moved in, avoiding some of the direct clashes that characterized earlier protests.

Late at night, though, video from Hong Kong broadcaster TVB showed police on the platform of Prince Edward subway station swinging batons at passengers who backed into one end of a train car behind umbrellas. The video also shows pepper spray being shot through an open door at a group seated on the floor while one man holds up his hands.


Barnier not confident

The European Union’s top Brexit negotiator has said he is not optimistic about avoiding a no-deal scenario as he cannot meet Britain’s demands to scrap the Irish backstop.

Michel Barnier declared that the so-called backstop had to stay to protect the integrity of the EU’s single market while ensuring an open border in Ireland.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, he said: “I am not optimistic about avoiding a no-deal scenario, but we should all continue to work with determination”, according to extracts of his article on the newspaper’s front page.

“The backstop is the maximum amount of flexibility that the EU can offer to a non-member state.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to take Britain out of the EU with or without a deal on 31 October.

Patient dies. Norfolk Mental Health Cawston Park Hospital

The inquest, which started on July 29, was previously shown CCTV footage of Mr Briant collapsing in the Cawston Park dining area and staff performing CPR while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

It heard that Mr Briant was “pale”, “struggling” and “rolling around the dining room” before that.

At around 7.25pm on October 29, the inquest heard the 33-year-old told staff: “I cannot breath. I’m dying.”

In response to the CCTV, Ms Blake said: “The staff are standing there. Nobody appears to be doing anything. There seems to be a long period of time before any definitive action was taken to assist him. They [Cawston Park staff] appeared to be milling around.”

The inquest heard that a staff nurse got oxygen for Mr Briant but it took “several minutes” for defibrillator to be used in the so-called code blue emergency situation.

During live questioning, family barrister Hannah Noyce revealed two members of Cawston Park staff who helped Mr Briant on October 29 were not up-to-date with their first aid training.

The inquest, listed for four days, continues at Norfolk Coroner’s Court.